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14 July 2010 @ 09:38 pm
What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

Five things I love about Rome

1) The historical centre
2) Museums
3) The fake gladiators in front of the Colyseum LOL
4) The fact that you just can't stop staring at the Colyseum ♥
5) It's full of cats ♥

Five things I hate about Rome

1) The traffic
2) The dirty subway :/
3) It's extremely hot in summer and I really can't stand it
4) It's full of tourists every day... you can barely breathe
5) All those men trying to sell you roses. To them your "No, thanks"  means "Right, I'll just keep on throwing these flowers in your face until you buy some ".
05 July 2010 @ 11:49 am
Happy Birthday epiclullaby !! :D

I can't believe exams are over. I'm free but I'm also scared about university. Ahah I know it may sound stupid but there are still A LOT of things to understand about it...
I'm 90% sure I'll choose Roma Tre. The fact that my cousin studies there is a sort of relief.
I know, that's a really childish behaviour for someone who just did an exam called MATURITA' , which means also growing up and, of course, be mature ._.

I don't wanna think about it right now. I'M FREE to do all the things I couldn't be able to do this year:

♦ Read Russian classics (ah!)
♦ Write more fanfictions
♦ Focus on Spanish and Turkish (yeah I know!)
♦ Follow a diet (as if.)
♦ Sleep at least 'til 10 a.m
♦ Do some pretty interesting challenges @ aNobii
♦ Find time to discover new singers/bands
♦ Relax
♦ Watch some tv series: Fringe, Visitors, Pushing Daisies, Robin Hood BBC, Life 

Btw for those who were wondering, I got 84/100. I'm not happy about it if I compare my points to the points a classmate of mine got (she really sucks and got 88. Teachers' pet, that's the word.)
But I just can't go on like this.
Who cares. School's over. I know we will both attend Roma Tre but I'll live my life anyway :)
I'm fine.

See ya!
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14 June 2010 @ 05:08 pm
Non scrivo da millenni qui ._.

Sono stata ammessa all'esame di maturità con 18 crediti su 25 \o/

Potevo fare di più ma non mi dilungo su questi aspetti, VOGLIO SOLO DIPLOMARMIIIIIIIIIII.

Perciò gente, hiatus fino a luglio e in bocca al lupo a me e a tutti gli altri maturandi :)

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On Wed. 11th one of my biggest dreams came true. I couldn't believe it.
Green Day's been my favourite band since I was 14 and I've never EVER thought I'd get the chance to see those guys. No way. You know, there are moments in your life that make you think someone or something is so unreachable that you'll never gonna make it.
But when I bought the ticket some months ago... I realised I was fucking wrong!
I spent like 5 hours on the bus with some of my friends and other people from my school that I had never met before.
We had so much fun, I'm glad I met those people.
This is gonna be the best year I've ever had so far.

They're amazing on stage. So much energy, so many people dancing, screaming, singing along to their songs!
Billie Joe is G-O-D. To clear things up, I'm not one of those stupid little girls who only care about a member of a band. I'm just saying that he knows how to kick ass. For sure.
They were there in front of me. They're real. LOL
They played JESUS OF SUBURBIA, HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cried all night long, now I can really die and rest in peace XD

And now I just want to learn how to play the guitar. Or the bass. Or the drums. Yeah, it doesn't really matter to me.
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01 November 2009 @ 07:52 pm
Ormai è palese. Tutti sanno già cosa fare dopo. Chi Beni Culturali, chi Scienze Politiche, chi proverà a Medicina, chi farà Psicologia.
Io davvero non lo so.
C'è una scuola per interpreti e traduttori a Roma, privata, ma i miei hanno paura che non venga riconosciuta e che mi laurei per niente °°
Non ho modo di informarmi, tra l'altro.
C'è la SSLMIT, il che significherebbe praticamente perdere le uniche vere amicizie che ho e iniziare una nuova vita da un'altra parte. E poi significherebbe non completare il CAE o dare l'esame il prossimo anno e non tra due, quindi mi si accavallerà questo, più la maturità, più la patente.
Odio il mio paese per tanti motivi, ma c'è tutta la mia vita. Tornerei nei weekend penso, ma non è la stessa cosa. Troverei tutto cambiato, mi perderei un sacco di cose.
Mi manca il coraggio di voltare pagina. Andare a Forlì o Trieste potrebbe essere la scelta più giusta della mia vita, ma potrebbe anche essere un errore gravissimo.
Bah, ora voglio concentrarmi sui problemi più vicini, e cioè che devo assolutamente aprire il libro di arte per il compito di domani.
Good night. <3
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